Become a Contractor

Get Paid to Manage Returns

You can earn ~$30/hour managing returns through your own Returneble mini-warehouse

How it works

You’ll receive app notifications when a return package is nearby

If you accept the package, retrieve it by the end of the day

Once your home, inspect it for resale, repackage it, and store it safely in your home

When a new buyer orders it, we’ll send you an email with a shipping label for you to put on it take to the post office

Why be a Returneble Contractor?

1. Get Paid

Earn $5/return package and $25/hour for travel

2. Be your own boss

Work part-time with just a little corner in your room or work full-time with an entire attic for returns

3. Find new brands and products

Every return is another chance to find something cool and trendy you might like. Working is shopping!